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Google Goggles — Visual Search

This looks very interesting.? I don’t see it in the Android Marketplace yet, perhaps because my phone is not running Android 2.0.

Fuel cell device recharger on sale in Japan

Can’t wait until this kind of thing becomes widespread!

NBC Olympics Online Coverage

I learned about NBC’s plans to offer extensive online video coverage of the Olympics at the Microsoft Server 2008 launch event earlier this year.? It’s definitely impressive.? I’ve used IE and Firefox and had no problem (I already had Silverlight installed).? I’m especially impressed with the “Live Video Control Room” that lets you follow 4 events at one time, swapping them between the big windows and the small windows.

If you’re watching video and trying to find the Control Room, click on “Enlarge video” and then the Control Room icon:

ABC News report about aged tires

Or see on ABC News site here:

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Mediterranean Cable Break

On January 30, several submarine cables were severed in the Mediterranean Sea just north of Alexandria, Egypt.

You can read more about it on the Renesys blog and the BBC, and read more about submarine cables at

submarine cable break