NBC Olympics Online Coverage

I learned about NBC’s plans to offer extensive online video coverage of the Olympics at the Microsoft Server 2008 launch event earlier this year.? It’s definitely impressive.? I’ve used IE and Firefox and had no problem (I already had Silverlight installed).? I’m especially impressed with the “Live Video Control Room” that lets you follow 4 events at one time, swapping them between the big windows and the small windows.

If you’re watching video and trying to find the Control Room, click on “Enlarge video” and then the Control Room icon:

One thought on “NBC Olympics Online Coverage

  1. Kent

    Bummer. When I went to the NBC site, they told me that they were not allowed to show it to computers outside the USA. That means I have to watch only the coverage here which doesn’t show the USA events unless they are competing against an Aussie.


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