Transfer Large Files to Amazon S3

I didn’t realize until this week that you can’t use the Amazon S3 web console to transfer files larger than about 300 MB into S3.  In fact, sometimes files less than 300 MB will fail to transfer.

CloudBerry S3 Explorer is a free tool that lets you transfer files to and from S3, and it works for much larger files, too!

2 thoughts on “Transfer Large Files to Amazon S3

  1. Jason

    Currently, the free version caps you file sizes less than 5 gigs, but I’ve uploaded a 15 gig TrueCrypt file with a demo of the Pro version.

    It’s a little buggy, but the pro version also includes an FTP client – allowing you to go directly between FTP and S3. That can come in handy when you’re transitioning from hosting assets on your FTP server up to hosting them in the cloud.


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