Moving a Joomla site with Akeeba Backup (JoomlaPack)

I was trying to use Akeeba Backup (formerly “JoomlaPack”) to move a Joomla site from a temporary location under my personal site to its own hosting account.  The site packed up fine, but I got the error “Could not open logs/index.html for writing” when unpacking with kickstart.php.

A little research revealed that you sometimes get this error when unpacking to a hosting account’s root folder.  You can get past this by unpacking to a subdirectory and then moving the files to the root.  It looks to me like my host, 1and1, wasn’t allowing the kickstart scripts to write to the logs folder.  I couldn’t figure out how to fix the permissions, so I used the subdirectory workaround.  After unpacking everything to a subfolder and then moving it to the root, I just needed to change two paths in configuration.php and the site was working.  I never was able to move logs/index.html to the main logs folder, but the site is working fine without it.

I did need to follow one important tip in the Akeeba Backup manual and force “binary mode” when transferring the site’s .jpa archive file down from the original host and up to the new site.

5 thoughts on “Moving a Joomla site with Akeeba Backup (JoomlaPack)

  1. Duke

    Legend! Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. Such a simple workaround but worked a treat. Thanks!!!!!!

  2. rescoast

    Yeah, done!! Thank you. I moved all the files to the root and only leave logs folder into the subdirectory where i unpacked the akeeba archive. However, i didn’t change any paths in configuration.php….it’s normal? It suppose any problem to have the logs folder in an other directory? Thanks for your post.

  3. mistergee

    Thanks for posting your workaround. i spent a lot of time battling permission problems and folder ownership to get our site back up and running and your suggestion worked like a dream.


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