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Go Jarvis!

Jarvis got his video played at the Microsoft Management Summit 2008!

Man Stuck in Elevator for 41 Hours

I’m surprised that I’ve never heard that story before.? It happened back in 1999, but Nick Paumgarten wrote a very interesting piece about it for The New Yorker very recently.? He interleaves the story of Nicholas White’s entrapment with a broader story on “the lives of elevators“.

See a speeded-up video of the ordeal here.

Governor Huckabee’s Excellent Evolution Response

The Myth of Galileo

Most of us learned some version of the following in school:? Galileo was a brilliant scientist who discovered the truth and was then persecuted by an intolerant church.

Today the Thinking Christian pointed me to a great post at the evangelical outpost that attempts to set the record straight.? It’s definitely worth a read.? I’m hoping to check out the references soon.

Daniel Tammet’s incredible brain

This man can perform incredible calculations in his head, and somehow sees the numbers as shapes or colors. He can also learn a new language in a week.

A British documentary is available on YouTube. I haven’t watched all 5 parts yet, but the first one was fascinating.