Dotnetnuke Menu Bar Broken in Firefox

menubarWhen our users started upgrading to Firefox 3.0.10, they began noticing that our Dotnetnuke intranet’s menu bar was broken — only “Home” showed up, not the rest of the page titles.

It turns out that DNN uses a config file to tell it what capabilities the various browser versions support. For some reason, the user agent string from Firefox 3.0.10 isn’t recognized.

I empathize with the arguments on the DNN forums that it’s not a good practice to maintain a table like this, but I’m not going to try to rewrite DNN. Since I’m not worried about really old versions of Firefox accessing our Intranet site, my fix was to edit the file \js\ClientAPICaps.config and add this to the first section:

browser contains="Firefox"

2 thoughts on “Dotnetnuke Menu Bar Broken in Firefox

  1. Milo

    Awesome! I was having problems with FF and Ask Toolbar, used your solution with “AskTbASK” and voila! Thanks!


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