Desktop Slideshow widget updated

Version 1.4 of my Desktop Slideshow widget is here. The issue where it won’t load should be fixed. I’ll try to get it posted to the widget gallery as soon as possible, but it usually takes them weeks.

For those who don’t know, “widgets” are free little applications that do all kinds of useful things like display the weather or (like mine) change your desktop background. This widget works with the Yahoo Widget Engine (formerly Konfabulator). Widgets can be cross-platform, but this one is Windows only.

To use it, install the widget engine, then download the widget and double-click on it. It will bring up a little “slide projector” icon. Right-click on the slide projector to set options (what folder to look in for images and how quickly to cycle through them).


5 thoughts on “Desktop Slideshow widget updated

  1. Bill

    Hi Karl-

    Thanks for the widget… been using it for awhile now.

    One question: anyway that you could have it resize the pics to fit the screen? Most of my pics are 5 Mpixels and so sometimes I get a closeup of someone’s nostril, etc.

    Just curious…


  2. karl.kranich Post author

    I know that would be a great feature, but I haven’t had time to figure out how to do it. What I’ve done so far has been pretty simple, and resizing would be a bit more involved. I’ll try…
    I’m glad you’ve found it useful!


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