Cru Email Forwarder: an Add-on for Google Spreadsheets


Until Google offers Cru a way to enable internal email forwarding without enabling forwarding to outside domains, this Add-on is the only way to automatically forward email from one Cru account to another.

The quick-start guide is:

  1. Log onto the Cru Google account you want to forward email from.
  2. Launch Google Drive and create a new spreadsheet.
  3. Install the Add-on “Cru Email Forwarder” (change the drop-down box at the top left of the Add-on search window to “For your Cru domain“.
  4. Set up forwarding rules in the spreadsheet.
  5. Start forwarding.

You can forward all mail or mail with a specific label (label mail manually to forward it in bulk, or use a filter to label mail that matches certain criteria on an ongoing basis).

You can forward once (100 messages at a time) or turn on hourly forwarding.

Here is a brief video demonstrating the Add-on:

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